Introducing everyone’s favorite jumper in a soft and cozy pinwale corduroy, with a softly gathered skirt and exclusive hemline finish. Trimmed in a pretty print and featuring many signature details, just add a turtleneck and tights and she’ll be the coolest girl in the room. Knee length.

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Robert Diamante Photo

Jumper Size


6, 12, 18 months


2T, 3T, 4T


5, 6, 6x


7, 8


10, 12, 14


Please select your favorite corduroy color and contrast fabric from the Corduroy Collection - Fabrics Page.

#CORD-Bright Pink w/ #LE-213

#CORD-Evergreen w/ #CR-301

#CORD-Purple w/ #LE-211

#CORD-Royal Blue w/ #CR-58

The fabric groupings show a corduroy selection with a contrast print. The corduroys are used for the jumper. The contrasting print is used for the neckline edging, piped waist, and fabric-covered button details.