A cool weather treat to enjoy thru the spring, in a fine corduroy print sure to bring joy to any day. Rows of tiny pintucks decorate the bodice and back ties, as a unique tuck finish completes the skirt hemline. Take pleasure in the hand-finished edge surrounding the neckline and armholes, and discover the beauty and allure of couture! Knee length.

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Robert Diamante Photo

Jumper Size


6, 12, 18 months


2T, 3T, 4T


5, 6, 6x


7, 8


10, 12, 14


Please select this Cherries Corduroy print, or your favorite corduroy color and contrast fabric from the Corduroy Collection - Fabrics Page.


#CORD-Purple w/ #CR-53

#CORD-Bright Pink w/ #LE-210

#CORD-Soft Pink w/ #CR-302

The fabric groupings show a corduroy selection with a contrast print. The corduroys are used for the jumper. The contrasting print is used for the neckline edging, piped waist, and fabric-covered button details. The Cherries Corduroy does not require a contrast.